Autumn Evenings Box

Tune in to the early autumn evenings with a dinner at home, spare the cooking, with our best seasonal bites, 2 bottles of red, or 2 bottles of white wines from our favorite local wineries, offering an exciting adventure to the tastes of Blue-francs and Rieslings.

The box contains:

  • Mangalica rilette (180g) 
  • Fekedi smoked spared ribs (100g) 
  • Spicy grape confiture (170g) 
  • Dalmát cheese in olive oil (190g) 

  • Estonian sourdough rye bread rusk with hazelnuts (350g) 

  • Red: Heimann Szekszárd Blue-franc 2018, Szekszárd and Maeijer & Leemans Blue-franc 2020 from Hosszúhetény, aged in terracotta amphora, OR
  • White: Németh János Szekszárdi Riesling 2020 Szekszárd and Szabó Zoltán Riesling 2020 Hosszúhetény
19,000 Ft

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