Dine with Zsófi Mautner

The flavors of the world, in eight dishes in Hosszúhetény
19h Saturday, 25 March 2023
Almalomb Barn, 7694 Hosszúhetény, Ormándi u. 19.

Zsófia Mautner, author of the Chili and Vanilla blog, one of Hungary’s most knowledgeable gastronomic bloggers, will prepare the eight dishes for our exclusive dinner. Zsófi will tell us  in detail about the ingredients and how to prepare them. The menu is also available with drink pairing!

  • Crushed lentils with herb morsels and ramsons oil
  • Tőtike
  • All-green ramson tabbouleh
  • Punya
  • Gently spicy fish soup with homemade noodles
  • Honey-glazed slow-roasted spicy mangalica, green salad, apple kimchi & more
  • Cheeses of Baranya 
  • Treasures of Zengő

Don’t miss out! Numbers are limited so we can offer a truly special experience!

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The programme is supported by the National Cultural Fund within the framework of the Carpathian Basin Cultural Barns and Fairy Gardens Network.

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