Coffee box

Almalomb own roasted coffee, our special surprise! 

We have been thinking for quite some time how to bring the best of Almalomb – premium quality, unique products in the spirit of sustainability – to our customers’ home. We have great news: we achieved our first milestone, the Almalomb Coffee Roastery is operational! We are proudly introducing our Almalomb First roasted coffee paired with the most exciting and beautiful coffee specialties.

The box contains:

  • 250g Almalomb First roasted coffee from Brazil
  • Almalomb Cascara syrup (250ml), with our favorite recipe in the box
  • Coffee bonbons – Almalomb roasted coffee covered in dark (70.1%) and milk chocolate (125g)
  • Optionally 1 Eva Solo thermo-mug (black, grey or sand colors), OR 2 hand made Almalomb coffee cups

We deliver all over Hungary. Or visit us and buy or pick up your box in person at Almalomb restaurant! 

PS: This is only the beginning of a beautiful journey! Stay tuned for our next coffee products!

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12,900 Ft21,900 Ft

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