Olive Oil Oliviere

Olive oil from French Catalonia with the recommendation of Almalomb!

Laroque des Albères is a Catalan village on the french side of the South-Pyrénées mountain range on the border of France and Spain. The Moulin de Llevant family business here runs an olive grove and mill, where the Aymard family set out to cultivate a culture of traditional artisan olive growing and oil pressing. We selected from mechanical, cold-pressed extra virgin oils from locally grown Olivière olive tree variety, which is native to the region. 

Olivière olive oil has a particularly rich taste thanks to the ripe harvest of the olives. It is a ripe, sweet and creamy fruity oil. It exhibits long, apple and ripe banana aromas in the mouth, accentuated by a moderate spicy aftertaste. Suitable for both hot and cold dishes. We recommend at the end of cooking to enhance the food or salads. It is a gold medal-awarded product in 2020 by the French Ministry of Agriculture in Paris.

The label was designed by Les Prichards, a popular artist of Perpignan, the capital of French Catalonia.

Please store the product away from the sun and below 30 C°.

0.25L or 0.5L
3,900 Ft7,400 Ft

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