Nearby trips

Nearby trips

We offer bicycles for our guests to rent and explore the beautiful immediate surroundings. Just ask for them in the reception.

We recommend an easy ride to the beautiful  Püspökszentlászló and its Arboretum.

Or a trip to Dombay lake on the way to Pecsvarad, where you can visit monastery castle .

Since we are located near the Mecsek mountain range you might be tempted to climb Zengo – the highest pick of the Mecsek range on a day trip.

For other ideas about different hikes, walks and bike routes have a look here on the turistautak.openstreetmap pages and search for Hosszúhetény. You should be able to find something for you.

If you are into horse riding or would like to try wakeboard – why not check out nearby – they will be happy to host you.

For happenings in nearby Pecs we recommend to check the following pages:

Made in Pecs 

Visit Pecs

Otherwise we recommend to visit by car the nearby Orfu lake for a good swim. Here you can find all the attractions around the lake.

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